End of Year & New Year Reflections & Redirection


I’ve been taking some time to reflect & regroup the past couple weeks.

I don’t know about you, but for me the holidays this year were a whirlwind of things to do & places to be. On top of that I was all amped up and excited about a new group coaching program I was launching. Then…zip, zilch, nada, no interest or feedback at all about the group coaching offer. So, it has encouraged me to take pause and evaluate where I started, where I am, and where I want to go.

I launched this journey into integrative health, Reiki, & energy medicine from a place of frustration within the world of western medicine in 2013. I am a Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist Specialist, and am passionate about educating, empowering and helping people along their healing path. While I appreciate the necessity of acute care medicine, most of what our “healthcare” system is, outside of the acute care setting, is really sick-care. Western medicine promotes taking a pill for your symptoms instead of finding the root cause of the problem. In 2017, after completing my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching training, I wanted to dive deeper, and get more clinical with the integrative approach, and stumbled upon Functional Medicine.

“Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease.” (IFM) Getting to the root cause of disease seemed like the ideal solution to REALLY help patients get better for good. My mission was & is to teach patients how to eat to live a healthy life, to understand how our environment affects our health down to the genetic expression, & to learn how to help our bodies heal without the need for prescription drugs.

Since embarking down the functional medicine path I have wondered off and become a Certified Yoga Teacher as well as added to my list of Reiki attunements, which has been great and life altering! However, I think I have strayed from my original mission. So, here I am redirecting myself to finish my functional medicine training, earn my Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner certificate, and put into practice all the golden nuggets I’ve been gathering since 2013.

In 2019 you will hear (my podcast, Light Body Radio) & see more health, food, supplement, etc. focused content. I will still sprinkle in some amazing meditations & yoga classes (keep an eye on my YouTube channel). But for the most part I want to start bringing you to the root of illness and teach you how to improve your quality of life by what you eat, what you are exposed to and how you think (yes I am still a big proponent of mindset work). My commitment for this upcoming year is to provide you with more consistent podcasts & workshops, while still providing value via this blog.

So, please send me your suggestions. What do you want to know more about? Gut Health? Gluten? Autoimmune disorders? Inflammation? Diabetes? Brain function? Weight management? Taming the mind chatter? Yoga? You tell me and I’ll serve it up. I am here to serve you and your needs.

Join me on my Facebook page,facebook.com/drlaramay,  as well as Instagram & Twitter @drlaramay. Also, be sure to tune into my podcast on your favorite platform, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean or Anchor.Fm @Light Body Radio to get all the juicy info coming your way in a easily digestible format. I look forward to hearing your feedback, comments and suggestions.




-   Dr. Lara

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