Intuitive Healing Sessions

An intuitive energy healing session with Lara can be either over the phone or in-person to help you identify and release what is holding you back, keeping you stuck, and preventing you from living your best life possible. Lara combines Reiki, channeled intuition, angel card reading, chakra clearing, life coaching, spiritual counseling, and mindfulness techniques to help you be more aware, gain a higher self perspective, & receive Divine love.

Each session is different depending on each person's individual needs. The overall theme however is usually clearing out stagnant energy in the form of outworn belief systems, stuck energy, or long held emotions so that clarity, new energy, and higher frequencies can be accessed and implemented into your life right now. This can include career transition, relationship issues, health matters, or general lack of clarity around life situations.

An Energy Healing Session Can Help:

  • Release old patterns that are no longer serving you & holding you stagnant
  • Help you to feeling centered, whole, and balanced once again
  • Feel a sense of peace 
  • See the bigger picture for your life and a sense of purpose and direction
  • Balance your chakras by removing any blocks or density
  • Remove mental clutter
  • Assist in opening your heart to your true self
  • Reconnect you with your true and authentic voice
  • Make decisions with more clarity
  • Feel grounded and centered
  • Experience more energy

Sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes based on your goals and needs.