Can Eating Plants Do More Harm Than Good?

Today’s episode dives into how eating plants can cause inflammation in the body.

“WHAT?!” You’re probably thinking. “I thought I was supposed to eat plants!”

The short answer is yes, eat plants. But the more in depth answer is maybe there are some plants that are contributing to the inflammation in your body. Today I give you the run down on lectins, plant defense systems. Lectins are thought to have evolved as a natural defense in plants, essentially as a toxin that deters animals from eating the plants.

In “The Plant Paradox”, by Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, the mechanism by which plants defend themselves from predators (us/humans) is related to (and possibly the cause of) how it affects our GI system and our ability to absorb and process nutrients. It’s an interesting hypothesis and one that as the title refers to is a paradox to what we’ve been told about how and what to eat.

Tune in to today’s episode to find out if some plants could be the source of your digestive troubles, fatigue and many other symptoms.


If you want more detail and the research that supports everything i spoke about today, check out the book and resources below.

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