New Year New Morning Routine

Today’s episode is all about creating a morning routine to improve your productivity, happiness & health.

Foundational Elements of the Productive Morning Formula

#1 Evaluate your “why”. Why do you want to change your morning routine? DO you wake up in a rush or in a bad mood most days? Are you ready to reshape how you start your day?

#2 How do you wake up? What thoughts do you think as soon as your alarm goes off?

  • Be aware

  • Don’t judge yourself

  • Choose again, with a better thought, be deliberate

  • Try starting with a simple “Thank you”

#3 Morning Mindset

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Affirmations

  • Gratitude

  • Set intentions for the rest of your day

#4 Fuel: Food & Movement

  • eat enough fat & protein to get you through 5-6 hours without feeling hungry

    • avocados, eggs, bacon, greens, olive oil, MCT/coconut oil, ghee/grass fed butter. etc.

  • 15-30 minutes of movement of your choice

    • yoga, walking, running, HIIT, weight training, etc.

#5 Other Aspects of a Positive Morning

  • good music

  • watch something positive (no news first thing in the morning!)

I hope this episode gets you thinking and creating a new morning routine for yourself. You have the power to create a powerfully positive foundation for your life. Start today! Get your New Year off to a great start.

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