Finding & Clearing Your Inner Saboteur to Maximize Your Health

How would your life change if you ended self-sabotage in your life? Today’s Power Your Life Show will empower you to take control of your health and wellness on your path to healing!

Dr. Lara May, PharmD has worked as a clinical pharmacist in emergency rooms and adult acute care for almost a decade.  She’s counseled nurses, doctors, patients and families about medication regiments and maximizing treatment outcomes.  Her passion has grown from “band-aid medicine” to empower women to heal themselves on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. After studying and practicing Reiki and energy medicine and becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Lara’s coaching practice encompasses energy medicine, intuitive healing & integrative nutrition to empower the healing of her clients on multiple levels to maximize their results & happiness. 

There is lots more on the way! Don't miss it! 

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Hi! I'm Lara (pronounced like Sarah, but with a L). 

Are you ready to lose weight, reduce stress, and reinvigorate your life?!

Together let’s uncover your motivators for change, and turn your vision for your vibrant future into your new reality. Health coaching is a safe supportive process of aligning your dreams with your intentions, and taking small right actions toward reaching attainable goals every week. I am here to gently hold you accountable with action plans, assignments, support and feedback.

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