Is your life running you?

Are you constantly buzzing from task to task?

Are you on the verge of burn out?

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Are you looking for real ways to improve your health & feel better?


Are you tired of not being heard by your doctors?


Do you have a hard time getting a good night's sleep, actually making it to the gym or can't seem to kick your cravings?


Let's Get A Few Things Straight Right Now...

I don't do "diets."

I don't count calories, fat, carbs, or points.

I don't do deprivation.

And I don't push a one-size-fits-all agenda.

We are all unique and beautiful, and we all have our own individual blueprint.


Hi! I'm Dr. Lara, your mind, body, spirit expert.

I am a Clinical Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Specialist & Intuitive Reiki Master, that integrates energy healing into an evidence based functional medicine practice. I am devoted to being your guide through your healing journey with real food and digestible information. I believe in being armed with the tools you need to take control of your health. Together we will create lasting change, so you achieve endless energy, happiness, health & bliss.

"She sincerely cares about helping a person rise / fulfill their greatest and healthiest versions of themselves." - Jaime


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"I want to learn how to loose weight permanently, stop the fad and yo-yo diets, and figure out what foods are right for me."

"I want to understand where I am, & how to take the steps forward to create the life I want."

"I am looking for stress relief, energy balance, and ridding my life of toxic people and energy vampires." 

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