Do You Crash After Lunch? How To Eat To Avoid The Midday Slump

It’s coming... You can feel it. You’re trying desperately to ignore it, but inevitably the clock strikes 3 or 4 pm. Suddenly, you are exhausted & foggy. The thought of striking the letters on the computer keyboard seems like a daunting task, not to mention you can barely keep your eyes open.

‘Ugh!’ you think to yourself. As you walk to the café to get a cup of coffee, you wonder how to avoid this crash tomorrow. Here’s the good news:  there are things you can do to energize your body throughout the day and avoid feeling sluggish.

Where to begin? Let's start at the beginning of your day. Breakfast! Before we even talk about what to eat, let’s recognize that it’s important to have some sort of calorie intake for breakfast. Your body has been in a state of rest, relaxation, and recharging for several hours. It needs fuel in the morning to get going. Instead of processed cereal and milk, why not go for some yummy good fat Bulletproof coffee and a green juice smoothie? (recipe here) Or prepare a couple of hard boiled eggs that you can grab-n-go in a hurry. Pair them with a tomato and avocado or guacamole you’re starting your day off on the right foot. Notice you don't see any high carb recommendations. High sugar in the morning sets you up for a spike in blood sugar, then a huge crash which makes you feel sluggish and crappy AND keeps you hungry! You need fat and protein to keep your blood sugar balanced and to stay satiated longer.

NEXT! It’s also important to remember to drink water throughout the day. Dehydration is certain to cause hunger pangs, sleepiness, and fatigue. Just think, a few glasses of water could be the difference between your 3 pm exhaustion and having endless vitality. If you are bored or uninspired by plain old water, then add some lemon or your favorite berry for some extra low cal flavor.

Also, don’t forget to plan your snacks. You want to be sure to stay away from excess sugar and artificial crap, which are in candy bars and most packaged food. The sugar and fake ingredients your body doesn't know how to digest will make you feel lethargic. Take a few minutes at home to prepare trail mix with almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Goji berries, and Incan berries. For sweetness, you can add some cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips (I prefer Enjoy Life brand because their products are free of common allergens). If you want a little caffeine, its ok to have some as long as it's 6-8 hours before you plan on sleeping. Again, I recommend adding some ghee, grass fed butter, MCT oil or Coconut oil (a good fat source) to your caffeine (matcha or coffee) to prevent the jitters and sustain the energy boost longer. Your body actually uses that fat for immediate energy complementing the caffeine boost.

The midday madness doesn’t have to continue. You can control how your body feels by nourishing it with healthy food (and water) throughout the day.  Be sure to check out my Facebook page Light Body Healing for more great content more often. If you are ready to take action and upgrade your life, then contact me for a free clarity call. I am excited to chat and discuss how I can help you transform your life.