Are You A Sugar Junkie? Are You In Denial? Find Out How To Make The Best Choices For Yourself & Heal Your Sugar Addiction

step away from the cookie!!

step away from the cookie!!

You’ve probably heard or read about how addictive sugar is lately. Maybe you've heard that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Maybe this has spurred you to evaluate your own relationship with sugar. Have you questioned whether or not YOU have a problem with sugar? Have you tried to cut down or cut out sugar only to fail miserably? Do you feel like a sugar junky at times?

I invite you to keep reading and reflect on the following without judgment or beating up on yourself…

If you say yes to any of the below, you might have a problem with sugar. Sugar is highly addictive, if you do have a few of these signs, don’t worry, you can turn the situation around.

●      Do you crave sugary foods or refined carbs at least once a day?

You love having a big donut or muffin with an afternoon coffee. Or maybe you’re more of a savory type of person and you enjoy a croissant loaded with cheese or a bag of chips. In the end, it all turns into sugar.

●      Do you often keep eating even if you feel full?

When you get your hands on a big piece of chocolate cake you can’t stop yourself from finishing it, even if you’re totally full. Or maybe you're already stuffed from a meal, but you "need" something sweet afterward.

●      Do you eat sugary foods or junk food even when you know you don’t need to?

You had a nice healthy supper an hour ago, yet you want to snack on some jelly beans, chocolate or a bag of chips even though you KNOW that it’s not nutritionally necessary, nor are you truly even hungry.

●      Do you make excuses to eat sugar even when you're not actively craving it?

You buy organic sugar or honey so that you can make excuses and claim that it’s healthier. In truth, sugar is still sugar, and you know this yet you can’t stop yourself from indulging.

●     Do you make special trips to the store or restaurant to get your fix?

Uh oh, your ice cream stash is empty, there are no more chips in the cupboard. Time to run to the store and stock up, or go for a treat at your local cafe just because you can.

●      Has sugar become your reward?

Oh, I’ll just clean the kitchen and then I’ll deserve to have a slice of cheesecake. I had a rough day, I deserve to eat chips and drink pop for dinner. I worked out today, so I can have ...

●      Do you have a secret stash and when nobody’s around you dig in?

This is a big one, if you have a stockpile of unhealthy snacks that you hide from your loved ones, it’s time to open your eyes and put down the candy.

●      Have you tried to stop eating sugar and you just can’t?

No matter what you do it seems impossible to stop. You’ve tried to quit sugar but only end up feeling horrible and finally you cave in to the urge.

take the sugar quiz now!

take the sugar quiz now!

what impact has sugar made on you and your behavior?

what impact has sugar made on you and your behavior?

Does any of this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way, with the right strategies, delicious healthy recipes, and guidance you can break free from the chains of sugar and feel amazing.

Tools To Implement Right NOW To See Immediate Change

- Be aware of all the places sugar hides

drinks, juices, sports drinks, sodas, candy, desserts, chips, bread, pasta, dairy, sweet tea, sweet lattes, just to name a few

- Be aware of how certain foods break down ultimately to just sugar

even a high protein diet can cause you to gain weight because protein ultimately breaks down into glucose. so-called "complex carbs", whole grains, high glycemic vegetables, all still break down to sugar 

- Keep in mind the cumulative effect

maybe you think you don't eat that much sugar. but if your weight loss is stalled or you're diabetic and are having trouble managing your blood sugar, look at how much sugar you have in the whole day. Fruit with breakfast? oatmeal? or cereal? then a sandwich with lunch, maybe some chips, or a salad with croutons, then whole wheat pasta for dinner... that translates to a heavy amount of sugar with every meal and a huge cumulative sugar load.

As always the 1st step to change any habit is awareness. Be aware. If I said some things above that you don't understand or you are unsure. Do some digging/googling of your own or ask me directly in the comments below. I love to answer your questions :) Once you are aware then you have the power to make a different choice.

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