What Am I All About?

In general, I think rules are just guidelines. I love problem solving outside the box, pushing the limits and having fun while doing it! In 2003 I decided to venture into the world of pharmacy. I soon came to realize that our healthcare system is really a sick-care system dis-empowering patients to make decisions for themselves.


In my practice, I do not like to use drugs in my treatment approaches. I know it sounds crazy, but I believe the imbalances that manifest in our lives start at the energetic level. These energetic imbalances, if left ignored, will eventually fester into weight gain, depression, anxiety, heart disease etc.. I believe health starts and ends with self-awareness and introspection. Where are we using our power, and losing our power? Where do we harbor our fear, anger, joy and grace?

Bio-individuality is a concept I believe in, and is a staple in my practice. There is no one size fits all cure for anything out there today. There are certain foundational pillars that are customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. These include food (of course), movement/exercise, mindfulness/spiritual practice, and sleep. Beyond the foundation, I offer reiki in a variety of modalities. I aim to inspire you to reclaim your health through nourishing, empowered lifestyle choices. Together we will implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance, and health.