10 Foods Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts & Why

Imagine...You turn on the TV and BAM! You are bombarded with a barrage of advertisements for so-called “healthy” choices. Doesn't sound so far off, does it?

These "foods", if you can even call them that, may be promoted as healthy but in reality are loaded with sugar and keep you stuck in the throes of a sugar addiction. If you’re ready to kick sugar to the curb then you have to start ditching these toxic "health foods."



1.     Fruit juice


Juice is terrible because it contains no fiber. Even if it’s 100% juice with no added sugar, the reality is that fruit sugar is still sugar. It still causes your blood sugar to spike dramatically and it’s just as addicting and bad for you as pop/soda or kool-aid. Opt for a home made veggie or green juice. Keep reading for a free guide and other resources.


2.     Dried Fruit


Dried fruit is okay in moderation, or when eaten with some nuts and seeds for protein. But, if you find yourself popping a date in your mouth every time you get a sugar craving and thinking it’s healthy, think again. Dried fruit is like nature’s candy. Filled with sugar naturally, and then usually added with sugar and preservatives for "freshness." Yuk! Stay away. Try to keep you fruit consumption down to 1 or 2 servings per day to maintain a healthy blood sugar.


3.     Pasta Sauce


Store-bought pasta sauce has a ridiculous amount of added sugar. Prego traditional spaghetti sauce has 40g of added sugar! Always read your labels, or better yet, make your own tomato sauce so you know EXACTLY what’s in there. The same goes for ketchup. 


4.     Bread


Ah bread! People like to pretend that they’ve cut sugar yet they’re still eating bread. Bread turns into sugar in the body. Add to that the inflammatory effects of gluten and bread becomes a ticking time bomb for illness to ensue. It doesn't matter if it's whole wheat or not. Unless it is a homemade keto bread, you might as well be eating spoonfuls of sugar.


5.     Noodles


Both pasta and rice noodles (the gluten free option) are pure refined carbohydrates, which like bread, turn into sugar once they break down in your body. They may be fun to slurp, but you can make noodles from vegetables that are just as tasty and won’t spike your blood sugar. If you don't want to make your own noodles, cause really, who has time for that? I like the black been or edamame noodles. They are loaded with protein (25grams/serving), they are gluten free, and they are fairly low carb. 


6.     Instant oatmeal


Instant oatmeal may seem like a quick and healthy breakfast, and it sure is convenient. But unfortunately just one serving of this stuff can pack as much as 15g of sugar! Opt for making your own oats, check out this recipe for sugar-free overnight oats. Another option I like is to soak chia & hemp seeds in almond or coconut milk. You can add berries, peanut butter or a plant based protein powder. Again, much more nutrient dense with good fat and protein, which will keep you feeling full longer.


7.     Smoothies


Smoothies can be really healthy and delicious, but the ones you get from Smoothie King, Orange Julius, or those premade store-bought smoothies are a far cry from a health food. Trying to make smoothies approachable for most people and they make them super sweet and tasty. Because most people aren’t too open to trying a green smoothie (not like my readers, of course).

check out this FREE smoothie guide!

check out this FREE smoothie guide!

For more about the right way to add juicing & smoothies into your daily diet check out two of my past blogs...



Also, click the image to the left to download a free smoothie guide to get all the goods to take with you.


8.     Yogurt


Yogurt has got to be the worst on the list. Especially because it’s promoted as this great healthy food but most of the time flavored yogurt is FULL of junky additives including high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. If you want to eat yogurt, buy it plain and sweeten it with some berries or mashed banana. Make sure to also try cow's milk alternatives i.e. goat's milk, coconut etc. These will be much less inflammatory to your system.


9.     Granola


Like oatmeal, pre-made granola is riddled with added sugar and dried fruit which only makes matters worse. Eating granola for breakfast is like having a big old cookie with your coffee.


10.  Protein bars


Protein bars are either full of added sugar or contain toxic sugar substitutes like aspartame. Read protein bar labels very carefully, even the popular cliff bar contains a whopping 22g of sugar per bar! Opt for plant based protein sources like chia, hemp, or flax. 


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