Try These Real Food Low Sugar Snacks To Keep You Going


When you decide to ditch the sugar and start making your health a top priority you might realize that your favorite snacks no longer fit into your new lifestyle. Don't sweat it! There are SO many delicious sugar-free snack options that are natural, tasty, nutrient dense and totally guilt free. Here are a few of my favorite low sugar snacks.

●      Olives

●      Veggie sticks with cashew or almond dip

●      Roasted almonds or other nuts

●      Apples and almond butter

●      Coconut milk and berries (+/- chia seeds)

●      Pumpkin puree with cinnamon and stevia

●      Roasted pumpkin seeds

●      Sunflower seeds

●      Butter lettuce leaves dipped in balsamic and olive oil

●      Broccoli or Cauliflower Florets

●      Frozen blueberries or grapes

●      Sugar free chia pudding

●      Grass-fed beef jerky strips

●      Salt and vinegar zucchini chips

●      Grass-fed goat cheese and broccoli florets

●      Green smoothie with a scoop of protein powder

●      Spoonful of coconut oil

●      Buttermints

●      Egg muffins

When you get rid of sugar you have no choice but to eat real food. This will change your life in so many positive ways. It will help you to get creative in the kitchen like never before.

Experiment with new ideas and you’ll be shocked by what you discover. Some of my all-time favorite recipes came from the creative discoveries I made when I finally chose to change my life and put my health first by ditching sugar for good.

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-    Lara

check out this FREE smoothie guide!

check out this FREE smoothie guide!

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