Don't Fear The Bulk Factor


Did you know pretty much everyone should be weight training?

In terms of your workouts, even if your primary goal is losing weight, they should not just be cardio exclusively. Weight training is really important for everyone, whether you are trying to burn fat or just be healthier overall. Here are some of the top benefits of adding weight training to your workout routine for both men & women of all adult ages.

#1…It Helps to Burn More Fat

Have you heard that muscle weighs more than fat? That is true, which is why many people can look much leaner and wear smaller sizes in clothing, but the scale says they weigh more than the average person their size. This is something I have dealt with most of my life being an athlete. This is because they have built up muscle through weight training, which is actually helping to burn more fat and calories. So they look thinner and more toned, but technically weigh more. This is why you shouldn’t always pay attention to the scale, but work on weight training to look and feel better.

This is also one of the limitations to using BSA (body surface area) & BMI (body mass index) to assess your weight goals and judge your overall health. Technically, according to my BMI I am “overweight”, but I wear a size 4 to 6. This is primarily due to muscle mass. If I were to drop 20-30 pounds, which would put me into the “healthy” category, I would look emaciated. It’s important to keep your unique self in mind when setting goals and expectations.

#2…You Will Sleep Better

Weight training and working out your muscles gives you more energy during the day, but when it is time to rest and go to sleep, you will also sleep better. This is why after a day working hard at the gym, you practically fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. With better sleep, you are also burning more fat and will have a better metabolism when you wake up, so this works great for you all around.

#3…You Can Build More Bone and Muscle

Nearly every part of your body benefits from weight training, including having better strength and support in your body for your muscles, bones, and tissue. Strength training helps to improve your bone density and will prevent bone loss as you age. Your muscles and tissue also get stronger, reducing potential injuries later in life. All of this is good news when you are trying to lose weight and want to avoid injuries that could keep you from your regular workouts. That is why even for elderly people weight training is important.

$4…It Gives a Better Quality of Life

As you can see from the benefits, weight training gives you a better quality of life overall. You avoid injury by being stronger, lose weight faster and easier by burning more fat, and will just look and feel better overall. There are a lot of reasons to add weight training to your fitness routine and not many reasons to avoid doing it (certain injuries can be a reason to avoid it).

You don’t have to spend hours every day working on weights either; try a simple circuit training session at your gym or some kettlebell videos that you can do right in your living room. YouTube is a great resource for free workout videos. Grab some dumbells from your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx and get to lifting. You’ll be surprised how my change you can see in your body after just a short time commitment.

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-   Dr. Lara

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