Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence!


5 Common Limiting Beliefs that Are Destroying Your Self Confidence


If you listen or read much self-help media, then you have most likely heard about limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are firmly held convictions that constrain us is some way. They hold us back. They hold us hostage. By believing them, we end up diminishing ourselves and impoverishing our lives. They tend to destroy our self-esteem, damage our belief in our own ability to make the necessary changes in our lives that will lead to happiness and a more fulfilled life. When it comes to the limiting beliefs that destroy self-esteem, here are the five most common beliefs that you may be holding onto. Which one of these resonates with you?


1. I Don't Deserve Anything Good

When you believe that you aren't worthy of anything good in your life, you will subconsciously turn down any reasonable opportunities that come your way or sabotage those opportunities that you've already received. This limiting belief disrupts that balance of giving and receiving. Are you ready and willing to receive? Truly receive? If you're not, that's ok. But maybe now is your cue to start readjusting your thinking around receiving. Try this mantra: "I AM ready & willing to receive the abundance flowing to me right now."


2. I'm Not Good Looking Enough (sub skinny or pretty also)

When you continue to flounder at finding a date, sometimes you begin to question your appearance. While appearance does play an essential role in delivering an excellent first impression, it is your charm and soul that matters in the long run. It can be hard to appear confident if you always doubt your physical looks. Are you constantly beating yourself up or nit picking when you look in the mirror? Try starting the new habit, every time you catch yourself with a negative self-talk thought, respond in kind with a positive or loving statement. i.e. I hate my thighs/stomach/etc. Alternative: Thank you thighs for supporting me throughout my daily activities. Thank you stomach for keeping my back healthy and strong. At first this might feel weird or disingenuous but the idea is to get out of the habit of always saying negative things about yourself to yourself.  


3. I Will Only Fail At My Dream, So Why Even Try

When you trap yourself in a failure mindset, you will never have a chance to achieve success, regardless of what you are doing. The more you fear failure, the harder it will be for you to move on. Instead, you need to learn as much as you can from each mistake and failure you've encountered and move on knowing you have learned from each experience. Failure is just a perspective. Shift that into a learning perspective and the fear will fade away. Try to approach each new thing with a sense of wonder and adventure, which will be more motivating and less paralytic. 


4. I'll Never Find Happiness

If you don't know where to look for it, the quest for happiness in your life can be an endless journey. While you might encounter negative emotions, even when you are bursting with confidence, happiness is a skill that you can learn. Happiness is a choice you make. It's not some passive emotion that just sneaks up on you or comes out of the blue. Happiness is a practice. It's a HABIT. Start practicing gratitude & appreciation for all the little things you have in life. Every day, preferably at the start of your day, write down 3 things you have grateful for. Just 3! This will get you focusing on what is good in your life, which will help you realize...You ALREADY have happiness! You just need to acknowledge it.


5. I Can Never Turn This Around

When you experience setbacks and challenges in life, you may end up feeling anxious, depressed, and defeated. Sometimes, right when you hit rock bottom, you can't see anything good happening to you in the future. If you continue to strengthen this belief, it will eventually turn into your reality. Have you heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? or how about manifesting? If you find yourself in this situation, it is vital to find hope and start taking actions to dig yourself out of this hole. While there is plenty of talk about manifesting abundance, it is not said very much that we manifest the negative in our lives too. But this should give you power! Now you know you have the power to bring into your life whatever you want. You are NOT a victim unless you choose to be. Be conscious of your thoughts. Be deliberate and intentional. Choose your thoughts just like you choose your actions. Then watch as what you desire starts to unfold in your life.


Don't continue to allow these five limiting beliefs hold you back from being a confident, abundant, happy person and living the life you want!

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To your wellness,


-   Dr. Lara

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