Meditation Series #9 The Tangible Benefits of Meditation


Meditation can have real tangible benefits for your health. Let's talk about what they are...

Keeping your mind in a constant state of flux is like keeping the motor on your car running all night long. You and the car will eventually run out of gas. Quieting your mind needs a top-five placement on your “to-do” list.

Since we are so hyper-aware of the needs of others, from our jobs to our families, it is easy to overlook ourselves. Therefore, make yourself a priority. Make your peace of mind at the top of your to-do list. That way, you will be able to be more present and do more.

We've talked about this in the previous posts, but it's worth stating again. Block aside a time and place for yourself that enables you to think of nothing, do nothing, and clear your mind. If you have to leave the house, then do so. Let everyone know that you are unreachable.

Sit quietly in your car if you have to, take some cleansing breaths, and think of absolutely nothing. You will see how even recharging for a few minutes during lunch each day will make a difference. Imagine how productive you could be if you gave yourself the chance to clear out the clutter just 5 minutes every day. 

Studies are beginning to show through trials how meditation is having a positive impact on an individual’s health. It seems as though training your mind could have a direct impact on improving the health of your body.

A Healthy heart – Studies are beginning to show that meditation could possibly be one of many contributing ways to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Of course, any way to lower cholesterol and blood pressure is a way to a healthier and happier heart.

Arthritis and other joint diseases – Meditation seems to have a direct impact on the ability to cope better with pain and stiffness associated with disorders involving chronic pain.

Fatigue and sleep disorders – Individuals who practice meditation may get a bonus that transcends further into every category of health. Without a good night’s sleep, fatigue sets the stage for disease and stress. Getting a good night’s sleep will aid in the fighting off and recovery of illness. Those who meditate may find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Warding off stress – It not only gives physical health benefits; meditation is also a wonderful way to ward off stress. Anyone who has ever practiced meditation may very well say that it has helped him or her in dealing with stress. Of course, meditation does not eliminate stress; however, it helps an individual cope better with it. This has a dual benefit – one of a healthy body and the other of a healthy mind.

These are just a few of the reasons why meditation is really good for you.


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-   Dr. Lara

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