Healthy Fat-Burning Dinner Ideas


If weight loss is you goal, or if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, the last thing you want to do is sabotage all your healthy choices by eating too much late in the day. Ideally, lunch should be your biggest meal of the day and dinner should be light, both in portion size and calories. The following dinner suggestions will keep on track and support a healthy lifestyle.

Salmon, Veggies, and Nuts

Salmon (cleanly sourced) is one of the best types of protein you can eat. It is easy to cook, packed full of good omega fats, and delicious. It is light, and yet full of healthy fat and protein to help you burn fat. You can use a yummy vinegar plus a little dijon mustard to make a marinade for the salmon that really brings out its flavors. Combine this salmon with your choice of veggies, whether you go with green beans and mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower medley, or a side salad. Top the salad with some chopped walnuts and almonds for crunch and added nutrients.

White Bean Chili

The white bean chili doesn’t use any meat in it, unless you want to add some turkey or grass fed red meant, which makes it on the lighter side. It contains beans, lentils, and spices that burn more fat, like the white beans, quinoa, and some turmeric and ginger in there. You can add in any other spices or veggies that you want. Serve it alone or with a side salad. If you are gluten free like I am, you can make a delicious corn-bread to serve along side, instead of typical rolls. This is a great dish to use crock pot or slow cooker for, which makes it super low maintenance also.

Turkey Burgers

If you are looking for a high-protein dinner that is going to fill you up, but also make your family happy, try making some turkey burgers. Ground turkey when using the right seasonings, doesn’t take that different from beef. Your spouse and kids probably won’t even miss the beef! However, if you want lighter burgers but keep some of that beef flavor in, try doing half turkey and half beef. Combine it together and place them on a skillet or grill them up. Skip the cheese and mayonnaise, and instead use mustard which burns fat, along with plenty of vegetables and lettuce on the burger instead of a bun. Serve it with any healthy side dish your family will enjoy!


What are some healthy dinners that you already use employ regularly? Let me know in the comments below!


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-   Dr. Lara

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